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Colour also matters

Stir up emotions. This is one of the influences that colours have in our lives. We may consider it subtle but we can’t deny the importance they have when making a purchase.

Among the many factors influencing the purchasing process, appearance and colour are of utmost importance. The appearance of the product proves to be the criteria that weighs the most in this decision (93%), followed by colour, with 85% of consumers referring that it is the main reason that makes them buy the product.

Almost unconsciously, colours affect our state of mind and are associated with meanings that influence our relationship with brands/ products, increasing our capacity to recognize brands in about 80%. Seem too much? Think about how many brands you are able to recognize only by the colour scheme, not needing any name to identify it.

The way we relate to brands, as well as the decision to buy a product are also influenced by the colours used in communication. This way, brands must use the emotional power of colours to establish their relationship with customers.

Besides influencing how consumers perceive brands/ products and whether they are a way for brands to transmit a message, colours are a powerful element to attract particular types of consumers.

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