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Covid-19: Stricker produces 600 visors a day, for hospitals across the country

Sticker, a distributor for promotional gifts company based in Coimbra, is producing 600 visors a day to help protect the healthcare professionals on Portuguese hospitals, using 3D printing. By the 1st of April, approximately 4500 visors had already been delivered to the Hospitals of Viseu, Coimbra, São Sebastião, Infante D. Pedro, Figueira da Foz, Portuguese Red Cross and Oporto's IPO.

Throughout the month of March difficulties have been registered in the Portuguese hospital units to respond effectively to the requests of health professionals. The requests are mostly for protective material that offers an effective solution against a potential contagion caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease.

In this context, Stricker, that recently introduced the 3D printing on its offer, decided to redirect its efforts, and the work of its employees, towards a scale production of protective visors, printing them directly in its factory, from a model of 3D Ways, partner in this initiative.

All this efforts result in the print of 600 visors a day, and delivery within just 24h to a network of healthcare units.

Stricker also joined the #soscovid movement, founded and led by 3D Ways. This civic platform combines the efforts and production capacity of various entities and individuals, with 3D printers ready to print visors.This unprecedented pandemic reinforces the need for civically responsible behavior and reinforces everyone's duty to actively contribute to the fight against this global threat. In this context and within the scope of a corporate social responsibility policy, this pro bono contribution from Stricker was born, which promotes concrete action to combat a concrete threat: Covid-19.

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