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Promotional gifts – an added value in the relationship with the customer

The promotional gift is perceived by customers as a appreciation for their loyalty and recognized by the companies as a valuable marketing tool in the company-client relationship.

In general, promotional gifts offers have an effective contribution in the maintenance of the relation between the company and the client.

The relationship between the offer and the purchasing act by the consumer is closely related to the perceived investment in the relationship and the intention to purchase again, based on the principle of reciprocity.

The results show that giveaways can highly influence consumer perception and money spent. They have very positive effects on profits and margins.

The secret lies in perceiving, and adjusting, the different types of promotional gifts. Associating the promotional gift to an exclusive event with your company's CEO, can be the perfect recipe for a faithful and lasting relationship.

Curious? Consult the study "How gifts influence relationships with service customers and financial outcomes for firms”.

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