Tämä verkkosivu käyttää evästeitä taatakseen sinulle parhaan palvelu ja parantaakseen selailukokemustasi. Käyttämällä sivuja annat suostumuksesi evästeisiin automaattisesti. Lisätietoa

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The new hi!dea™ 2022 catalogue is out now!

For 2022, our goal is to give our customers even more support that they need for their business to grow.

With the "hi!dea takes action” concept we are committed to be our customers' best ally with a diversified and quality offer which comes with a state-of-art logistics service.

In this new catalogue, our customers can also find a selection of reinforced ECO logic products which were designed and carefully thought out so that they can increase their offer of more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

At the same time we also strengthened our product range under the Branve and Ekston colections which have an exclusive and premium design.

See our novelties, here.